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Today’s blog post is about getting ready to say goodbye to 2021 and hello to 2022, whatever it may bring. After all, you can’t see how far you’ve come if you don’t look back to see where you started. My ask as your read this post is to let yourself be open – open to possibility, to beauty, to new and wondrous adventures – even amidst the chaos and uncertainty. Allow yourself the time to reminisce and the time to dream. You are the navigator of your map – you get to choose your destiny. I’m just here to help you get on the path – your path.

Let’s begin!


Saying goodbye to 2021


A big part of saying goodbye to the year is looking at how far you’ve come. Take a look back at the past twelve months and acknowledge your wins – big and small. Make a note of them all and feel proud. Take a deep breath and acknowledge how incredible you are and how well you dealt with one heck of a tumultuous year. Allow yourself to feel whatever comes up. You dealt with immense change, uncertainty and situations we never dreamed possible just a few years ago. Acknowledge everything you got through this past year.


Next, I want you to load up the things weighing you down or causing negativity in your life from 2021 (or earlier). I want you to think about the not-so-good things that happened. Are there any lessons you can take from them? If yes, note them. If not, LET THEM GO!!


What are you leaving behind as you move into a new year? Who can you forgive? What negative thoughts and emotions can you release that no longer serve you? What activities drain your energy that are no longer necessary?


Can you write everything you’re letting go of a piece of paper and throw it into a fire? Or perhaps put it in a box and jump up and down until the box is destroyed? Whatever it is, I’d love for you to make a ceremony out of it. Get closure.


Making room for 2022


What are you looking forward to in 2022? What goals and dreams do you have? Picture yourself in one year after having achieved all of them – how do you feel? Are your lips turning into a smile picturing it? Do you feel warm and giddy?


Holding the above feeling, look at what obstacles and clutter need to be cleared to make room for your goals and dreams? What could get in your way of going after what you truly want? What are you going to do about it?


And lastly, what commitment are you making to yourself as you enter 2022? Why is that important to you? Who can help hold you accountable?


If you had to choose one word for 2022 and what you want – what would that be? What’s an object that you can look at to remind you of what you want?


Watch out 2022 – there are some big dreams and goals to be met!

If you enjoyed this exercise and want to be one of the 20% whose new year’s goals make it past March, join me on January 10th for The Secrets to Goal Setting virtual workshop, where you will create goals that get you excited and learn to follow-through in a way like never before! Click here to learn more and sign-up. It also makes an excellent gift (hint, hint).

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