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Activate & Energize Your People & Teams

What would your organization look like if employees felt more energized and fulfilled? How might their motivation or productivity levels change? What impact could that have on your bottom line?

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With over 13,000 hours of leading people and teams in the corporate world, Shannon Talbot is a workplace well-being and performance expert renowned for activating and energizing people and teams to live healthier and more joyful lives across various industries.

Shannon aligns and partners with companies and organizations to see improved employee performance, engagement, reduced turnover and improved employee well-being, contributing to increased revenue.

Signature Keynote Series: Enhanced Employee Engagement & Performance

In a world where employees now have access to jobs across a greater geographical footprint, positive organizational culture is crucial to retaining talent. Companies can see improved productivity, lower turnover, and low absenteeism by increasing employee engagement.

Keynote Talks

Employee Engagement: Strategies to Create a Positive Organizational Culture

Unleash Your Inner Tiger: Realize Your Potential and Live Your Dream Life

Set for Success: Making Goal Setting and Performance Management Fun

Keynote Talks

Cultivating Energy & Joy in the Workplace - How to Recognize Burnout & Beat It

Why Work-Life Balance is a Myth and What to Do Instead

Unleash Your Mornings: The Secrets to Highly Successful People

Set for Success: Making Goal Setting and Performance Management Fun

By understanding how to cultivate health and happiness in the workplace and why it’s crucial to employees’ performance, participants will feel motivated and equipped to improve their well-being resulting in fewer sick days, higher productivity, and improved employee engagement.

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