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Shannon Talbot

Founder | Keynote Speaker & Corporate Wellness Consultant | Performance & Lifestyle Coach

With over 15 years and 13,000 hours leading people and teams in the corporate world, Shannon Talbot is a workplace well-being and performance expert who has become renowned for activating and energizing people and teams to live healthier and more joyful lives across various industries.

Shannon aligns and partners with companies and organizations in an effort to see improved employee performance and engagement, reduced turnover, and improved employee well-being, all of which contribute to increased revenue.

Working across Canada, the U.S., and Latin America in banking and advertising, Shannon was known for exceeding revenue targets and employee engagement metrics.

While she loved the corporate world, her greatest joy came from watching her teams overcome obstacles to realize their potential, while having fun doing it. She also realized first-hand that by prioritizing her own well-being and happiness, she could be more successful professionally and personally.

Shannon is a passionate advocate for holistic personal and organizational growth, holds an MBA from the Schulich School of Business, and is a Certified Health, Life & Transformational Coach. She is also the author of Unleash Your Inner Tiger, coming out in 2023.

Her work has been featured on CBC Radio and in Today’s Parent, Chatelaine, Thrive Global, Lifehack, and Authority Magazine.

My Story

So often, we hear about people who are stuck in a rut.  They have a lot going for them yet still don’t feel happy or fulfilled.  Or they’ve put their dreams on the back burner as they’re busy with their current career or family.

They’re exhausted, carry a lot of guilt and prioritize themselves and their wellbeing last.

Or they have trouble saying no and setting boundaries.

Perhaps they’ve been holding a piece of themselves back or don’t bring their authentic self into certain areas of their life?

Sound familiar?

I get it. That used to be me.

I had a lot going for me, yet something was lacking which I usually ignored by drinking wine and eating lots of chips.

It took spending 31 days in the hospital with my then five-year-old and missing out on a job promotion for me to take a step back and realize life was short and I wanted feel happier, healthier, and more fulfilled.

Taking Action

So, I set out on a journey working with therapists, coaches, past managers and mentors. 

I created and was held accountable to healthy habits and routines in my life to get the energy and focus I’d been desiring. 

I uncovered and transformed old belief patterns holding me back, and I realized my true calling was to help others live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives. 

Then, I jumped without a parachute and quit my full-time job in advertising with a steady, cushy paycheque to chase my dreams and haven’t looked back since.  And although I still enjoy wine, I don’t need it to numb out a long workday anymore.  

How I Can Help

As a Performance Coach, Corporate Wellness Expert and Keynote Speaker, I guide professionals to realize their true potential and create the life they want across all aspects. In other words, I help them unleash their inner tiger and live their true purpose.

If you look at the elite athletes – they have incredible talent, willpower and strength, but they also have a team of experts to challenge and push them to their highest potential.

I would love to be that expert for you.  Book a 15-minute chat today and let’s explore if we might be a fit!

Are you ready to explore what unleashing
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Shannon empowers driven professionals to unleash their inner tiger and live their true purpose.

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