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The fall season can bring many emotions – excitement, anxiety, sadness, comfort, and relief. I know there are mixed feelings about pumpkin-spiced lattes out there, so for this post, I’ll remain Switzerland 😉.  

Some of you may have overindulged this summer or let your routines take a break. Some of you or your kids may be starting a new endeavour. And some of you may be feeling bored or lonely as nothing in your routine changes.

You might be looking to get back on track and maintain some consistency and routines. You might be looking to try new things as you’re feeling bored or lonely, or perhaps, you’re looking for a confidence boost to get you through the next challenge you’re facing.

Whatever scenario you’re in, here are some tips to help make the transition into fall a little bit easier.


1. Revisit your priorities and come up with your top 3-5 for the fall, personally and professionally.  

What areas in your life do you want to focus on the most? And I say want to versus should because we all know it’s pretty hard to follow through on something we don’t want.  

Do you want to improve your physical or mental health? Are you looking for a promotion at work? Have you been away this summer and are looking to reconnect with friends or family?

Write down those 3-5 priorities.


2. What will focusing on these priorities do for you? Why are they important?

When we have strong motivating factors, what I call MOFAs, we can improve our chances of following through, especially on those days we want to call in sick or binge-watch TV all day or drink a bottle of wine to hide our sorrows.

What will getting healthier do for you? Will you have more energy and patience for your kids? Provide the motivation to finally write that book you’ve always wanted to.  

What will a promotion do – increase your income so you can finally go on that trip you desire?  

Or perhaps you just want to get back to feeling how you did when you did have healthy lifestyle routines. To sleep better or fit into your clothes.  

Whatever your MOFAs are are yours and yours alone. So don’t worry if they’re materialistic or if people will think you’re weird. They must be strong enough motivators to get you through the tough days.  


3. What small step can you take this week that aligns with your priorities? And when are you going to take it?

Perhaps you’ve been eating a lot of junk this summer or drinking too much booze? 

How about choosing one day this week when you’ll eat healthier and drink less?  

Once you have that step under control, add another and another.

Small, manageable steps, aka baby steps, are vital to sustaining any change long-term.


4. Who can be your accountability buddy? Who can you tell your plans to that will provide both tough love and cheerleading?

Tell them your plans.  Check-in with them regularly.  Admit when you’re falling off the wagon so they can help you get back on.


5. Cut yourself some slack.

Research shows it can take 66 days for a new habit to stick, so be patient with yourself and know you’ll fall off the wagon as we all do.

Just remember to get back up and try again. And remember, your MOFAs.  


And for anyone looking to start the day off on the right foot, join me for my FREE Unleash Your Mornings Challenge, where you’ll learn how to create a morning routine that works for YOU and tips to sustain it. And don’t worry, this routine does not involve joining the 5 AM Club, I promise!

Sign-up for the next challenge here 

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