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I got a $60,000 increase in base salary by switching jobs.

Yup, you read that right. $60k.

This was after I lost out to an external candidate for a promotion I had been working towards for months.

If I had gotten that promotion, it would have taken me a really long time to get to that salary band.

Now, to be transparent with you, my new role had a different bonus structure, meaning it was a net increase of $40k, but still $40k!!

So, how did I get such an incredible pay increase?

Well, luck and timing are a big part of getting any new role; however, that was also the first year I invested in myself, outside of schooling, and worked with coaches.

First, I attended a weekend retreat with an executive coach to get clarity in my career path and rebuild my confidence after losing the promotion.

Secondly, I hired an executive/life coach to talk about how I could feel happier and more fulfilled in my life in general.

In total, I invested $2,300 in coaching, and eight months later, I landed my dream job, bought my first car and felt pretty darn proud and fulfilled.

My ROI on investing in myself was

Can I contribute this ROI solely to coaching? No, but it gave me the confidence and clarity I needed to give myself permission to pursue a different career path and to share that vision with my network.

Many people helped me on my journey, including past leaders and bosses, mentors, recruiters and even complete strangers who took a chance on me.

Investing in ourselves means we are investing in our dreams, so whether it’s a course, hiring a trainer or a coach or buying some personal or professional development books, the ROI is usually worth it if you’re willing to take action based on what you learn.

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