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Did you know that every symptom, craving or behaviour around food and drink has a POSITIVE INTENTION? Symptoms, cravings or behaviours are not the problem, they are the best SOLUTION you have come up with so far.

I used to beat myself up about how every night once the kids were in bed, I just had to have a glass a couple glasses of wine. It was the only way I could relax and feel at peace. It felt so good in the moment, yet I knew I would wake up in the middle of the night from a blood sugar rollercoaster and that in the morning I would feel groggy. Did that stop me from drinking the wine? Nope. The feeling in the moment was just too darn good to outweigh the not sleeping well or grogginess. The stress of balancing my busy corporate job with being a mom of two, young, energetic boys would melt away, even if just for an hour. An hour where my mind could go blank and I could just enjoy the peace. Ahhhhhh.

It wasn’t until I started finding more joy and bringing more fulfillment into my day to day life that I could drink less wine.

It wasn’t until I could bring more balance and ME time into my day that I could move away from the wine.

Wine had a positive intention for me – I wasn’t taking care of myself or doing what brought me joy so my cravings for wine brought that to my attention. I am grateful to my wine cravings (yup I know that sounds odd but it’s true)!

Do I still drink wine? Yes, I think it’s important to enjoy what we love, in moderation.

Do I drink less during the week? I sure do! And that makes me feel even better!

Today I challenge you to ask yourself – what’s the POSITIVE INTENTION behind a craving, symptom or behaviour that you’d like to change?

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Shannon Talbot

Shannon Talbot

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