Unleash Your Inner Tiger

Live Your Desired Life

As a Workplace Well-Being & Performance Expert, I help professionals realize their true potential to live the life they want with my Coaching & Speaking Programs.

Together, we face their unknown fears, improve their self-confidence, and increase their focus and productivity while implementing and sustaining healthy habits to better manage everyday stress and anxiety.

Unleash Your Inner Tiger

Live Your Desired Life

Transformational coaching programs to help driven, stuck professionals realize their true potential to live the life they want across all aspects.

Live a Healthier, More Meaningful Life

Shannon Talbot educates and energizes individuals and teams to live healthier, more joyful lives.

As someone who spent most of her career in the corporate world-leading large teams and complex projects with two small kids at home, Shannon Talbot knows the importance of healthy and happy employees and how they correlate to performance and engagement. 

Transform Your
Life in 90 Days or Less

Shannon believes that each of us has an inner tiger within us – that strength, passion, beauty – that, once unleashed, can empower us to do some pretty incredible things. Whether or not we unleash it is up to us, and for those who do want to, Shannon is here to help transform your life across all areas – career, well-being and purpose.

Fears and Obstacles

Using transformational coaching techniques, Shannon helps her clients uncover what’s been holding them back or getting in their way from living their desired life. Whether it’s fear, self-doubt or other beliefs holding you back, Shannon gets her clients to break through them like never before.

Take Empowered Action

Individuals who seek Shannon out are ready to adopt winning growth strategies and challenge the obstacles, beliefs and habits that need updating. People who want to make their dreams a reality. People who are prepared to take action. People who know they could be a kitten or a tiger and are ready to take a bold position.

Shannon Talbot's Services

Shannon empowers driven professionals to unleash their inner tiger and live their true purpose.

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